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Mongrel Gear (MG) is an all Australian owned family run business based in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, and was started by John Fleming back in 2006.  John is a Sydney born computer/IT geek who started playing with electronics from a very young age.  Most upsetting to his parents where the times where he would pull apart his expensive Xmas presents to "make them better", or just to see how they worked. This skill came in handy when John started making custom made gear like hands-free phones and remotely controlled light switches for around the family home.  His room looked more like an electronics factory than a bedroom.


John always had a liking for anything RC, having dabbled with the good old Tamiya RC cars etc, but his love for things that could fly ultimately led him to pursue RC Aircraft.  Not so long ago John started strapping cameras to the underside of his RC Aircraft to get some amazing footage, and started importing the FlyCam range of products into the country.  That lead on to FPV, where John really could sink his teeth into something special.

John was already building Tri-Copters from wood, and using 4 Tail Gyros from 450 size helis, and selling them to customers all over the world,  but adding FPV gear to these copters is where the real fun began.

So now John has taken this to the next level, and Mongrel Gear now supplies a great range of copters and associated FPV equipment to countries all over the world.  Some of John's early Tri-Copters have been sent to countries like Russia, USA, Japan, Romania, New Zealand, Croatia – and the list goes on.

John, and MG are now involved with commercial side of FPV, known as UAV or UAS.  This is the commercial side of the industry which requires licensing to operate.  MG provide maintenance services to commercial operators, and will operate commercially as a licensed UAS operator in the very near future.

John has a passion to share his extensive knowledge of RC and especially FPV, so much so, that he has turned is back on his 20 year career in IT to focus on MG completely, and operate a business aimed directly at assisting Australians in the realms of all things FPV.  This is not a hobby business for John and his wife Chanta.  This is a full time business.

So if you have a question, and can't find the answer, or would just like to know more, drop John a line – he does love a bit of chat!  🙂

Mongrel Gear is a registered trading name of Hardworking Software Pty Ltd.


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We are a family run business specialising in FPV / Drone related products and services. Established in 2006 We pride ourselves on good customer service, and customer satisfaction. We are Australian resellers for companies like DJI GoPro, Eagle Tree Systems, ImmersionRC, FatShark, Team Black Sheep and others. We are also a fully certified CASA RPAS Training School

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Mongrel Gear Australia

PO Box 612
Yass NSW 2582 

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