ArduFlyer V2.5.2 +900Mhz Telemetry

ArduFlyer V2.5.2 +900Mhz Telemetry
Price: $149.00

NON – SOLDERED!!!  – Add our soldering service to have this soldered for you.

The ArduFlyer is a complete open source autopilot system. Its design come from 3DRobotics and it 100% compatible with APM2.5. It allows the user to turn any fixed, rotary wing or multirotor vehicle (even cars and boats) into a fully autonomous vehicle; capable of performing programmed GPS missions with waypoints. This version comes with the RC/Servo connectors unsoldered, so you can choose between straight or right-angled ones, both of which are included.

Arduino and ArduPilot Mega 2.5 Compatible!
Includes both right angle and straight pins for I/O, allowing user to customize as needed.
Includes 3-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer, along with a high-performance barometer
Onboard 16Mbit Dataflash chip for automatic datalogging
Digital compass powered by HMC5883L chip, included on the main board.
Invensense's 6 DoF Accelerometer/Gyro MPU-6000.
Barometric pressure sensor upgraded to MS5611-01BA03, from Measurement Specialties.
Atmel's ATMEGA2560-16AU and ATMEGA32U-2 chips for processing and usb functions respectively.

The RCTimer Radio telemetry system based on 3DR Radio system and 100% compatible.
It's designed as an open source Xbee replacement radio set, offering longer range (approx one mile) and superior performance to Xbee radios. It’s available in 915Mhz ; and in the following configurations: serial board (for the air) and USB (for the ground).
The system provides a full-duplex link using HopeRF's HM-TRP modules running custom, open source firmware. Interface to the module is via standard 5V-tolerant TTL serial / FTDI USB serial.
Firmware upgrades and configuration are fully supported in the APM Mission Planner. Configuration is also possible through the 3DR Radio configurator and AT commands.


Package Includes

  • Apm2.5 x 1
  • CN06 V2.0 x 1
  • Radio Telemetry Kit 915Mhz x 1  



GPS CN06 Features:

  • Standalone GPS receiver
  • u-blox NEO-6M GPS module
  • EEPROM for save configuration permanently
  • Build in 25X25mm active antenna
  • UART (TTL) port with EMI protection
  • Rechargeable battery for backup/hotstart



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