Bird Dog Chihuahua 250 Racing Quad V2

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Bird Dog Chihuahua 250 Racing Quad V2
Price: $499.00 $399.00


We listened – You wanted more grunt, so you are getting more grunt!  

The changes in the V2

  • The new V2 Chihuahua will come with upgraded 2205 2300KV motors that put out nearly 1.5kg of thrust!!  INSANE!   These motors are also amont the first to do away with the C-Clip retaining ring on the back of them motor. Much safer!!
  • We have also swapped out the FC to a new F3 Based FC, which should keep a lot of you happy. 🙂 – And is still fully programmed and tuned, right out of the box running CLEAN FLIGHT!
  • We upgraded the Vtx to be selectavle 20-200mW  So you can race, and also go nuts if you want to!  We have kept the rear mount, but this time we introduced a new Rubber Mounting system for easy swap outs and repairs.
  • We will throw in a full set of Howler props FREE!

When we designed the Chihuahua, we wanted a no mess no fuss mini that did not have any of the fancy hoods etc that will break on the first crash.  We wanted something durable that you can take home everyday after racing your head off, and still have a flyable airctraft! – So here it is – The Bird Dog Chihuahua! V2!

Just like its name sake, the Bird Dog Chihuahua is a viscous little mongrel that is fast, powerful and snappy, just like a mini racing quad should be. We put a lot in this little bugger, but it's still as light as buggery. With an 1800mAh 3S battery, it will come in jsut over 400g. 🙂

You can run this baby on 3S or if you are a die hard dude that loves to fly by the seat of your pants, then strap a 4S battery to it, and hold on tight!

She is ready to fly out of the box! All you need is a radio. We have even fully programmed the F3 Flight Controller so no need to tune before you fly! It can be in the air in less than 5 minutes – NO KIDDING!

We have installed mini version 2 of our now famous Bird Dog Growler motors that come with CW and CCW nuts, so you never lose a prop in the air again. These coupled with our awesome Mini K-9 based ESCs running BL Heli, makes this little beast scream!

We have had pilots testing these and the response has been unreal!  "Almost indestructabe" and "Screams its head off" have been just some of the comments.

The Chihuahua comes packed with goodies including;

  • All Carbon Fibre frame that can take a beating!
  • A fully pre-programmed F3 Flight Controller
  • Fully installed circuit board keeps the mess down.
  • Anti-vibration mount on top to capture the carnage
  • Tilting flight camera so you can keep your eyes ahead instead of on the ground
  • 20-200mW FPV Tx cabled into the frame for protection – Installed, ready to go!
  • Fully installed Mini K-9 BL Heli 20a ESCs
  • Bird Dog Mini Growler V2 2205 2300kv Brushless Motors with Nyloc Nuts
  • Fully installed OSD so you can keep an eye on flight times and battery life – and fully customisable.
  • Red LED Strip on the rear – if your opponents ever get close enough to see it!
  • XT 60 Connector – ready to go!

We are not kidding when we say it's ready to go! All you need to do is run a Tx Wizard on the Open Pilot software and you are good to go.


  • Fully built Bird Dog Chihuahua Carbon Fibre 250 Mini Racing Quad
  • Props and nuts!
  • Cables to connect to your chosen Rx.
  • Camera plates and spare parts.


Recommended Battery size

1200 to 1800mah 3S
1000 to 1500 mah 4S


  • Size:     250
  • weight: 
  • Material:     Carbon fibre
  • Motors:     2205 2300kv Bird Dog Mini Growler V2
  • ESCs:     20A Bird Dog Mini K-9 with BLHeli
  • Props:     5×3
  • FPV Tx:    25-200mW 5.8Ghz.
  • Camera:     PAL CCD 127 Degree on tilting mechanism
  • LED:     Red rear facing
  • Flight Controller: F3 Running Clean Flight  
  • OSD:     Intergrated and fully programable.
  • Battery     Connector: XT60
  • Rx Compatibility:     PWM, PPM or SBUS Compliant




2 reviews for Bird Dog Chihuahua 250 Racing Quad V2

  1. Mark Bevis (verified owner)

    This is by far the best quad I have ever flown. Do your self a favor and order one today. Easy to set up and well built. I have crashed a few times with only one broken prop. Thank Mongrel. Mark Bevis

  2. Jack

    Hi i would like to purchase the Bird Dog Chihuahua 250 Racing Quad V2. Theres no stock available when will you have them in stock?

    Thank you

    • Kim Gourlay

      Hi Jack,

      Unfortunately, we won’t be brining them back into stock at this point.

      Please let us know if we can help in any other way.

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