Circular Wireless 1.2GHz Skew Planar Antenna

Circular Wireless 1.2GHz Skew Planar Antenna
Price: $55.00


These antennas are second to none.  Tetsted and tuned from the factory, they will offer you at least 95% transmission power in the frequency range below.

They might cost a bit more than other antennas, but the performance is what you are paying for.  With a Skew on the plane, and the Helical on the ground, you will get perfect video at quite a considerable distance.

The circularly polarized omnidirectional antenna suitable for use both on the Tx and Rx and offers coverage in all directions, with moderate scope (2.4GHz 5Km, 10Km at 1.2GHz). Combined with a helical at the receiver provides more range than you might need (more than 50 km at 1.2GHz). All antennas are Skew Planar Wheel clockwise circular polarization, and are supplied with SMA male connector. They are available in 1.2GHz (guaranteed bandwidth 1200-1360MHz. Are available with SMA male straight or angled. They are made ​​of steel wire copper coated with three coats of paint free metal and the weld-reinforced epoxy.

This is why these are as goos as we say they are. Not dodgy hand made measurements on these lobes.



This is the graph of the Return Loss parameter of the 1.2GHz antenna, designed to be centered at 1280MHz, and attempting to cover the channels from 1200 to 1360 MHz: 

As shown, the worst value within the operating band is -11.39dB at 1200MHz, ie, which engages at least a 92% power of the transmitter in the entire frequency band. This antenna hasn’t got a big bandwidth (because the ratio bandwidth – center frequency is much higher than for the 2.4) but does not mean that for example cannot be used at 1160MHz. At this frequency Return Loss is -8.5dB, which means that “only” 85% power is coupled. 



This is especially important in circular polarization. In a simple way: the difference between co-polar component (right hand circular in this case) and cross-polar (left hand circular) is the attenuation that will introduce the antenna to capture the reverse polarization, which will come from the reflected signal that we want to avoid to reduce multipath. In these antennas is around 10dB in all cases, which means that the reflected signal will reach the emitter attenuated at least 10dB with respect to the desired signal, which is great to prevent that it interferes with the desired signa


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