Culvert Risk Assessment Internal Inspection Vehicle

Culvert Risk Assessment Internal Inspection Vehicle
Price: $4,500.00

  • Do you undertake regular inspections of your Culverts?
  • What if your culvert is long, and runs beneath high risk areas?
  • What if your culvert is bowed and cant be viewed past a few metres?
  • What if your culvert is constructed with a bend, and you cant see past a few metres?

Conduct your own inspections – when you want – how often you want

An inspection of a culvert or drainage line is not complete without an inspection of the internals of the pipe. To often, inspections are undertaken from external to the pipe, with photograph evidence only from the outside to the inside. This only shows detail to plus/minus 10 metres.  Risk assessments are conducted and conclusions drawn about the condition and risk level of the culvert, when really, over 50% of the culvert has been assessed, and the most important part (under the road) has not been seen.

Most organisations don’t have the time, let alone the budget to conduct professional CCTV of a culvert. If they do, they save up a package of culverts, and then spend hundreds of thousands on CCTV inspection, and countless hours preparing contracts.  It is very uneconomical to CCTV just one culvert with a standard CCTV contract crew.

The CRAIIV can let you conduct internal inspections of single or multiple culverts at a fraction of the cost of professional CCTV.

CRAIIV – Culvert Risk Assessment Internal Inspection Vehicle

The CRAIIV was developed specifically for those organisations who have inspectors in the field inspecting and assessing culverts.

  • Built for use by your own inspectors
  • It fits in the back of your vehicle in an 80L container
  • Completely wireless transmission to a live feed video recorder – no bulky cabling
  • 100% off the shelf components – 100% replaceable / upgradeable components

The CRAIIV consists of 100% off the shelf componentry. Coupled with a custom frame, this makes the unit extremely easy to assemble, operate, maintain, and if necessary, replace.
The CRAIIV makes use of improvements in technology surrounding FPV (First Person View) equipment, to obtain a signal without requiring 100% line of sight

The CRAIIV comes complete with

  • Operations manual
  • Component description
  • Supplier detail
  • Backup support
  • Training as required


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