Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes

Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes
Price: $129.00

The EagleEyesTM FPV Station integrates four of the main components you need for FPV on the ground, at a cost that's lower than many of the individual components presently available!

The new EagleEyesTM FPV Station provides all of the following features:

* Receiver Diversity 
* Antenna Tracking 
* Telemetry
* Four Channel A/V Distribution
* Programmable Low Voltage Alarm

Here are the specifications:
* Two video inputs -NTSC/PAL, using your video receivers of any frequency. Video Input 2 is adjustable to match Video Input 1. Note that only one input needs to be used, if you are not using the Diversity feature.
* Two audio inputs – Two monaural audio inputs are supported. Audio Input 2 is adjustable to match Audio Input 1. Note that only one input needs to be used, if you are not using the Diversity feature.
* Four A/V outputs – Four video outputs (75 ohm) and four "line level" audio outputs
* Power Input – Power input range approximately 6V to 14V. Barrel style power input with standard 2mm center pin.
* Two Servo Outputs for pan and tilt trackers – Unit is capabable of delivering 5A burst output to drive even large pan/tilt servos.
* USB Port for connecting to PC, for live PC display of telemetry and firmware update. Note: A standard USB "Mini-B" cable is required for these features, but not included.
* Encasement – Heavy duty clear heatshrink

Here is a video demonstration of the tracking function of the EagleEyes FPV Station, with the ReadyMadeRC.com pan/tilt tracker.


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