Eagle Tree OSD Pro Starter Kit

Eagle Tree OSD Pro Starter Kit
Price: $379.00 $220.00

This is a OSD Pro starter kit, and is all you need to get started with an OSD.  Will give you Altitude and Ground Speed, heading, distance to home etc etc. and consists of the following;


1 X GPS V4

1 X E-Logger VERSION 4 100A with Leads

Includes the OSD Pro..

Do you fly, drive or boat with FPV, or do aerial photography? We’re pleased to introduce the Eagle Tree OSD Pro. The OSD Pro displays all the key information about your model’s status, and has many advanced features such as voice alerts, high resolution raster graphics, a new “RADAR” synthetic map, “Return to Home,” Artifical Horizon display, Acoustic Variometer, and waypoints within visual range.

How it Works

The OSD Pro is a powerful, modular, fully configurable Video/Audio On-Screen Display (OSD) device, providing graphics, voice announcements, alarms, acoustic variometer with total energy compensation, Home Arrow, Return to Home, Failsafe, “RADAR”, waypoints, a flight simulator for testing, and many other features. The information displayed can be as simple or advanced as you like, depending on how you configure the display, and on which optional Eagle Tree sensors are connected.

The E-Logger 

Whether you’re into Electric Planes, Helis, Cars, Boats or other models, you need to know how your electric power system performs under actual operating conditions. The USB eLogger (patent pending) is the product you need to monitor your LiPo, A123 or any other electric power system.

The eLogger system comes with everything you need to log, analyse, and graph mAH, Current, Wattage and Voltage, right out of the box (comes with eLogger, USB cable, CD, and e-manual). And, your eLogger is tremendously expandable, by adding additional sensors (shown below).

If you are interested in the 150A version or the NO LEADS versions, please contact us.

And the GPS V4

● New Smaller, faster, and more sensitive GPS Expander Module plugs into the system to provide live and/or recorded lat/lon, ground speed, GPS altitude, distance to pilot, course, UTC timestamp, and more. Integrated display/3D graphing software included in data system. WAAS and EGNOS compatible, built-in patch antenna.

Now has LED built in to signal 3D fix, no external aerial jack on the new sensor due to much improved signal strength, the new GPS V4 is worth the wait!!


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