Feiyu G4 Handheld 3-Axis Gopro Gimbal with FY-G4 Remote

Feiyu G4 Handheld 3-Axis Gopro Gimbal with FY-G4 Remote
Price: $429.00

 Inheriting the unique advantages of FY G series handheld digital stabilizer, FY-G4 handheld Digital Stabilizer is a customized stabilizer for your GoPro.

Compatible with GoPro 3/3+ GoPro 4.  Also compatible with GoPro 3 LCD Backpack!

FY-G4 has 4 settings from which the user can choose from, these settings are:

  • Heading Following Mode
  • Locking mode and Heading
  • Pitch Following Mode.
  • Active mode

Active locks the pitch of the camera and makes the footage level to the ground;

Locking mode setting locks the desired angle of the camera and fixates it to a position, this mode is useful when mounted to a vehicle (which means road vibrations do not effect the footage);

Follow mode enables the camera to track the position of the user’s wrist, where ever the user’s fist points the camera follows.

The Quick-release adapter enables easy fast mounting of a GoPro within seconds.

Assembled and ready to roll!


4 x Rechargable Batteries
Warranty Card
USB Cable

Remote Control for G4

-1 x Remote control 
-1 x 1.2m cable 

You can change the shotting angels by the button of  up , down , right and left and the Gimbal will sleep when you press the button for 3 seconds.

Warming : Before you use the Remote Control , you need to update the fireware of G4 , or it will not work if you connect it to Gimbal directly.



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