Futaba 10C Mode 2 Kit

Futaba 10C Mode 2 Kit
Price: $595.00

The 10CG: pro-level features at a sport-system price – Includes R6208SB Rx.

The 10CG is perfect for the price-conscious pilot — an integrated, 2.4GHz treasure
trove of features formerly found only on the most advanced Futaba systems.

But it’s also a system that boasts advantages few others can claim: 7-point throttle
and pitch curves; 4 heli flight modes; a round dozen factory-defined glider mixes;
graphics for programming swash plate types; swash ring; and logic switches that allow
you to activate a timer or other function just by changing the positions of specific
sticks or switches.

10CG System Overview:


  • Dial `n Key™ programming w/joystick
  • Airplane, heli and glider software
  • 2048 resolution
  • Real-Time Response™
  • Smart Switch Technology™
  • Basic & advanced menus
  • 15-model memory, expandable to 48 models*
  • 10-character model & user naming
  • Assignable switches & dials/functions
  • Model select, copy, re-set
  • Data transfer
  • 2 proportional slider switches
  •  Fail-safe, sub-trims, servo reversing & EPA
  • Digital trims & trim step, expo & dual/triple rates
  • 160 x 72 backlit LCD w/adjustable contrast
  • Servo monitor display
  • Auxiliary channel screen for 1-step function/switch assignment
  •  Model & system timers
  • Full functionality trainer system (cord required)
  •  Throttle cut, hold & idle down
  • Mode 1-4 selectable
  • Sticks w/length and tension adjustments

* Requires optional 128K CAMPac Module (FUTCP128KE)

  • Airplane Features
  • 8 programmable mixes
  • Elevator/Flap
  • Throttle needle
  • Aileron differential
  • Flaperons
  • V-tail
  • Elevon
  • Air brake w/elevator delay
  • Ailevator
  • 4-position snap roll switch
  • 2 independent gyro settings
  • 7-point throttle curve
  • Flap trim
  • Glider Features
  • 8 programmable mixes
  • Butterfly/elevator (2)
  • Elevator/flap
  • Chamber mix
  • Aileron/flap
  • Aileron/rudder
  • Flaperons
  • V-tail
  • 4-point offset
  • Spoiler mix
  • Single/dual flap servos
  • 5 flight conditions
  • 3 wing types
  • Adjustable motor cut

FUTABA 10C.. Developed by Futaba Japan, Manufactured in Futaba`s own factory for the most discerning RC user with multiple multiple World and National championships since 1963 


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