Hyperion HP-EOS0720i Charger

Hyperion HP-EOS0720i Charger
Price: $395.00


1~14 cells Li-Poly, Li-Ion or A123 charger / balancers
1~16 cells NiCad / NiMH
1~12 cells Sealed Lead Acid
DC Output: 20.0A, 500W max per port (Total 1000W)
DC Input: 10.5~28V
Discharge Limits: 5.0A, 40W max (per port)
Store Mode
Dual Integrated balancers
Temperature Sensor Port
Firmware Upgradeable
TCS System
Sync mode for Li-Poly & LiFe
Comes with 2 PQ/HP and 2 JST XH adapter boards 


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Specifications & Features:

  • Built -in Hyperion LBA10/300 Balancers with 300mA max balance rate per cell
  • 12-bit Resolution Balance Circuits for max accuracy
  • STORE MODE for LiPo, LiFe, and LiIo allows fast and simple charge/discharge to 60%~70% capacity for proper storage of Lithium Batteries = long battery life
  • CYCLE MODE for Lipo, Life, LiIo, NiCd, and NiMH
  • Built-In DISCHARGE function
  • TCS – Terminal Capacity Selection during charge to speed charge and/or increase battery Cycle Life
  • TVC – Terminal Voltage Control for LiPo, LiFe, and PB
  • Rich Data Displays via LCD display during and after charging and balancing
  • USB PC Port for Firmware upgrades, and PC Control & Data Suite Software System, which allows full control of the charger via PC, Data Logging, Memory Management, and more.
  • Temperature Sensor Ports & Temp Stop settings*
  • Power Supply Amperage Control to allow reliable charging with lower-output power supplies
  • Power Supply Voltage Control works in concert with Amperage control to insure the charger does not overload your variable power supply
  • Adjustable Power Sharing % between Outputs (DUO) when low-output power supply is in use.
  • Input Cable with 4mm Male Connectors + Clamps
  • Output Cable Set(s) Included, with 4mm Connectors
  • Integral, Thermostat-Controlled Cooling Fans
  • 16-Character, Yellow Backlit LCD Data Display(s). Highly visible in all conditions
  • 20 User-definable Memory Positions per port (40 total for DUO series). Unlimited Storage and upload of memory sets via EOS SUITE software.
  • * Temp sensors available separate: #HP-EOSTMPSEN ** Firmware upgrades only available if/when improvements are identified in future.


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