iMAX X400 Twin Battery Charger

iMAX X400 Twin Battery Charger
Price: $189.00

The IMAX X400 Twin Touch Screen Charger is what you have been waiting for, it is very easy to use and utilises a 4.3″ TFT touch screen with backlight for operating. The touch screen has been specially developed by IMAX RC and their iM-OS system is going to be the industry standard for touch screen chargers for many years to come. The IMAX X400 is able to charge at up to a massive 400W (single battery only, 2 batteries 200W max each). See the list of features below to see what makes this charger the one of your choice. Its capable of charging/balancing up to 6 LiPoly cells, 16 NiMH cells and up to 10Pb cells (20V). It has a high precision dual-core 32 bit ARM processor for smoother operation and also features a USB port (5V, 1A) specially designed to charge iPhones and other smartphones. The IMAX X400 requires an input voltage of 11~18V so a good 12V battery or a high quality power supply is recommended to get the best out of all the features of this charger.


• Easy to use touch screen operation (iM-OS System)
• Multi language customization (see note at bottom)
• 4.3″ TFT display screen
• Dual ouput, able to charge/balance 2 batteries at the same time
• USB port for charging iPhones and other smartphones
• High precision dual-core 32 bit processor for smoother operation
• Suitable for LiPoly, Li-Ion, LiFe, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb batteries
• Will charge, balance, fast charge, storage charge, discharge, cycle (charge/discharge up to 6 times)
• Port for temperature sensor
• PC link port
• Cut-off temperature (40~80°C when using temperature sensor)
• Cut-off time (10~200mins)
• Cut-off capacity (0.1~10AH)
• Cut-off low input (10~24V)
• NiMH/NiCD Delta Peak (5~200mV)
• Waste time (interval between cycles, range 1~60mins)
• Cycle time (1~6 times)
• Adjustable backlight (brightness level 1~10)
• Buzzer (range of settings)
• 2 x Heavy duty fans for cooling


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