TBS Discovery NAZAv2 ARF

TBS Discovery NAZAv2 ARF
Price: $1,275.00

The TBS DISCOVERY ARF quadcopter is a durable and crash resistant multirotor optimized for dynamic FPV flight. By implementing the wiring into the frame, the copter is easy to build and outperforms similar quads in terms of FPV range and video link quality. The DJI Flamewheel type arms as predetermined breaking point protect your electronics and are easily replaceable in the field.

We packed a lot of goodies into this one. The DISCOVERY ARF Quad comes out of box, receiver-ready, packed with all the best gear.

Bird Dog Growler 900KV motors
We have included our new high quality Bird Dog Growler 900KV motors.  These motors are built to our spec and contain the renowned Japanese NSK Bearings to ensure smooth quiet operations.  These motors have been designed especially for multi-rotor applications.

Bird Dog K9 40A Opto ESCs
We also include our Bird Dog K-9 40A Opto ESCs.  These, again, are designed specifically for multo-rotors.  They contain no BEC onboard and come preinstalled with the now famous SimonK Firmware for super fast and smooth throttle response.  We also include a separate UBEC to power it all up.

Bird Dog Carbon Props
Our Bird Dog carbon props are ideally matched to the Bird Dog Growler 900KV motors and will give your TBS two personalities.  On 3S it is a nice flyer for smooth aerial photography.  Put a 4S onboard and strap yourself in!  In will fly like a scalded cat!!

Probably one of the best flight contollers on the market!

The TBS CORE comes pre-soldered and set to the right parameters.  This “build it for me”-service will get you a pretty much ready to fly quadcopter, Screw on the arms, plug in the battery, bind a receiver of your choice and you’re ready to fly.

We will build and test fly your new ARF quad so all you need to do is put your own RX on and fly!!  🙂


TBS DISCOVERY top & bottom plates
TBS CORE installed
4x Flamewheel Type Arms (Black)
TBS ChipChip FPV Camera
4x Bird Dog Growler 900Kv
4x Bird Dog Growler 40A SimonK ESCs
4x Bird Dog Carbon Props  (CW and CCW)
Short Servo Extensions
Bird Dog Discovery Flight Case


NOTES: – We will set your Discovery ARF up to fly and hover nicely.  However, you will need to tweak the copter to fly the way you like it.

IMPORTANT – We will not test Return to Home capabilities.  We will get the copter flying comfortably and ensure the NAZA is working well.


You will need

Your own RC Radio Gear
1 X 4S Battery (Although the copter will fly in 3S, 4S is highly recommended.
FPV Gear (Tx and Rx etc)
GoPro or other Flight Camera

*** Ask about our FPV add on kits ***

*** Please allow 2 weeks for construction ***

Check it out!!!



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