TBS Discovery Endurance Upgrade kit.

TBS Discovery Endurance Upgrade kit.
Price: $895.00 $699.00

And so it begins!!!

This is the upgrade kit you have all been waiting for.   25-40 minute flight times can now be had by upgrading your Discovery or Discovery Pro with this Endurance kit.

This kit include the arms, motors, ESCs to  completely convert your Disco or Disco Pro.


  • Aerial Mob Extensions 
  • TBS 400kV LR Motor Set
  • TBS 4S-6S ESC Set
  • 1 Set of 15 inch Carbon Props


Aerial Mob Extensions 

The AerialMob upgrade for TBS DISCOVERY and DISCOVERY PRO, along with FlameWheel F450 / F550. Extends the arms to allow up to 15" propellers. The length is customizable by cutting the carbon fiber tube to length.

TBS DISCOVERY owners will enjoy the ability to go symmetric with their favorite airframe, or add larger props and higher cell motors to get the endurance / long range juices going. Also great for higher speed setups. It will generally turn your TBS DISCOVERY into a matured aerial filming or aerial surveillance platform. Flights of up to 25-40 mins are within reach.

TBS 400kV LR Motor Set

This is the best motor when endurance is your goal. For frames between 1kg and 3kg (quad) or up to 5kg (hexa, X8, octos). One of the reasons this motor is great for endurance is the weight. Without wires it weighs 75 grams. The pancake design ensures sufficient torque to carry a lot of batteries, or fly insane speeds and face-melting climbouts. After all, performance should not be sacrificed too much for longer flight times. The propeller mount is self-tightening, compatible with all of the common carbon propellers. This makes it convenient to remove, and re-attach the propellers while traveling between locations. The motor was developed by TBS in cooperation with T-Motors.

For a TBS DISCOVERY (PRO), we recommend 15 inch props (15×5 or 15×6.5) and 6S batteries on AerialMob arms. A 4000mAh 6S battery that fits in the trunk can keep you aloft for up to 25 minutes. With a second battery strapped to the bottom, you can go out up to 12km (and back), or cruise for up to 40 minutes. With GoPro gimbal and FPV equipment on board, obviously.

Attention: The motor with a white dot is made for counterclockwise (CCW) rotation. The motor without marking rotates clockwise (CW).




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