TBS Discovery Pro Signature Series

TBS Discovery Pro Signature Series
Price: $6,750.00

Here is your chance to get your hands on something that very few people will ever get.  We have teamed up with Trappy from TBS to bring you a very limited edition signature series Discovery Pro package.

The package comes with some serious inclusions, but what makes this baby special is that Trappy himself has signed the copter body – and yes – THERE IS ONLY 3 AVAILABLE.

This stupidly limited 3 copter run is the ducks nuts, and we all know how good the Discovery Pro is right!  So let's see what you get in this package.


The copter comes complete with the following

  • 4 x TBS 1000kv Motors
  • 4 x TBS Bullet Proof ESCs
  • 4 x Black Arms (Black – its the new black)
  • 4 x Bird Dog Carbon 9×5 Props
  • 1x Vibration isolated, CNC aluminum milled gimbal with motors etc.
  • 1 x DJI Naza-M V2 flight controller with GPS.
  • 1 xiOSD Mini 
  • 1 x TBS69 Flight Camera
  • 3 x Bird Dog 4500mAh Flight Batteries

So… That's the copter – What about the rest???


Well of course you are going to need a GoPro camera to get that fantastic footage that the DIsco is famous for.

  • 1 x GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition


We decided that a brilliant copter needs a brilliant RC setup, so we added the EZUHF combo as per below.  However, not only did we include the ImmersionRC EZUHF, we included the awesome TUNED version from TBS.

  • 1 x Futaba 14SG Radio
  • 1 x ImmersionRC EZUHF TUNED Transmitter
  • 1 x ImmersionRC EZUHF 8Ch Diversity Rx
  • 1 x SRH-771 Tx Antenna
  • 2 x 1/4 Mono Rx Antennas
  • 1 x 3S Battery for UHF


Now of course you will want to fly this FPV, so we have added the killer of all FPV setups – including a Tripod.

  • 1 x TBS 2.4Ghz 800mW FPV Transmitter
  • 1 x TBS 2.4Ghz Ground Station
  • 1 x TBS Ground Station LiPo
  • 2 x Circular Wireless 2.4Ghz Skew Planer Antennas
  • 1 x Circular Wireless 2.4ghz Helical Antenna
  • 1 x Fat Shark Dominator HD Video Goggles
  • 1 x Tripod for Ground Station.


Well, you will need to charge the batteries right?  So we will include a Hyperion Charger and Power Supply so you can get back in the air faster!!!

  • 1 x Hyperion 730i LiPo Charger
  • 1 x e-Fuel DC Power Supply.


Now that you have the copter and gear all sorted, you will need to get it to the field, so we have included the incredible GoProfessional Flight Case for Discovery Pro.  This case is ridiculous.  It will not only carry your copter, but your Tripod, Ground Station, Batteries and your packed lunch!

  • 1 x GoProfessional Flight Case for Discovery

And just when you thought we were done – we decided we would through in some goodies for free….


1 x Free Set of 9×5 Props
1 x Free Jello Guard for GoPro Hero 3
2 x Free replacement Black Arms

NOTE – If you need a battery charger – we can supply you with one too!  Just ask!!


And lastly, just to top it off, we will fully build and test fly it for you before we pack it up and deliver it to your door.  Shipping anywhere in Australia is included in the price.  Overseas buyers, please contact us prior to order.

Don't miss out on this incredible package that will not be repeated in its current form.

Any questions??  Just ask!


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