TBS Rookie-Boscam Set

TBS Rookie-Boscam Set
Price: $110.00

Here is a bargain for you!!!

You get a great FPV Tx/Rx combo with this set that includes the brilliant TBS Rookie Transmitter, Boscam RC832 Rx and the Boscam Cloud Spirit Antennas to match!

Package includes.
1 x TBS Rookie and Cables
1 x Boscam RC832 and Cables.
1 Set of Boscam Cloud Spirit Antennas to suit the above.

Further information

CE certified transmitter that can be used together with 2.4 GHz remote controls without interference. Built to be the smallest video transmitter and to be used in plug & play configuration with the TBS CORE or Lawmate PSU.

The unique TBS design allows you to mount the antenna away from interfering electronics to give you maximum range, without running unnecessary wires to your video transmitter.


  • 23dBm (200mW) of clean output power
  • RP-SMA connector, transmitter antenna sold separately
  • Fully compatible with 2.4GHz remote controls
  • World's smallest video transmitter: 40 x 19mm
  • 4 pin Molex Picoblade connector
  • Input voltage: 3.3V – 5V (TBS CORE compatible)
  • Transmitting frequencies: 5865, 5845, 5825, 5805, 5785, 5765, 5745, 5725 MHz

The RC832 Receiver is nice and small in size for easy integration into your ground station, but big in quality and features. The receiver uses the same two button interface as the TS832 Transmitter making channel swapping a breeze. There are two independent AV outputs for both audio and video. So you can use a monitor and set of goggles or maybe a DVR to record your flight, for when your significant other asks where you were for the last 4 hours. Powering the receiver at the field is as easy as plugging in a 3 cell lipoly into the included prewired cable with mini JST. It just doesn’t get any simpler than this.


  • 32 channels: Cover A, B, E bands and F bands
  • Two switching buttons for the band and channel
  • Two digits display for the band and channel
  • Power off memory for last channel and band
  • dual Independent video and audio signal outputs

Frequency range:
FR1 5865,5845,5825,5805,5785,5765,5745,5725
FR2 5733,5752,5771,5790,5809,5828,5847,5866
FR3 5707,5685,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945
FR4 5740,5760,5780,5800,5820,5840,5860,5880 

This Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Antenna Set is designed for use in FPV applications. They are a refined version of the traditional "clover-leaf" FPV antennae but are now housed in a RF transparent dome. This offers better looks and excellent protection.  Package comes in a pair that includes one antenna each for transmitter and receiver.


  • TxA is a circular-polarized omni antenna with three lobes
  • RxA is a circular-polarized omni antenna with four lobes
  • Gain: TxA 1.1dBi / RxA 1.4dBi
  • SWR: 1.2.:1, Tuned for 5645-5945Mhz
  • Polarization: RHCP, Right Hand Circular Polarization
  • Length: TxA 78.5mm, RxA 98.8mm
  • Weight: TxA 10.3g, RxA 11.5g


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