Ultimate Redundant 5.8Ghz FPV System

Ultimate Redundant 5.8Ghz FPV System
Price: $620.00

If you are looking for an ultimate system to give you the best signal you can get from a 5.8Ghz system, then look no further.  Using the worlds best Circular Wireless antennas, and the ImmersionRC FPV gear, this system will knock your socks off!

This setup will not only give you redundancy should an FPV Tx die on you, but it gives you the best signal response you can get.

Signals get blocked by your Aircraft when it pitches and rolls etc, so by implementing two Tx on the one aircraft, you go a long way to eliminate the dropouts.

By using one RHCP system running alongside an LHCP system, and a modified ImmersionRC DUO Rx, you get the best signal response you can get!


PLEASE NOTE – We will modify the ImmersionRC DUO to be able to receive 2 channels one on different sides of the Rx unit.

With this modification the channels you will get are:

1 beep: VRx 1 Channel 1, VRx 2 Channel 5
2 beeps: VRx 1 Channel 2, VRx 2 Channel 6
3 beeps: VRx 1 Channel 3, VRx 2 Channel 7
(4, 5, 6 and 7 beeps: don't use)


  • 2 x ImmersionRC 600mW FPV Tx
  • 1 x LHCP Circular Wireless Skew and Helical Set
  • 1 x RHCPCircular Wireless Skew and Helical Set
  • 1 x Modified ImmersionRC Duo Receiver

This system can be run standalone or can be used on an antenna tracker.  In any case, you will get a far better signal than if you were using a singular system.

Below is a video taken from two different ground stations.  The one on the left is a single Helical antenna on a UNO Rx, the one on the right is an ImmersionRC DUO running the redundant video system.  Notice the difference in the drop out rates!



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