Uthere RUBY

Uthere RUBY
Price: $329.00


Affordable, easy to use device makes remote controlled flight more enjoyable and carefree for experts, easier for beginners.

Fly by Wire, Cruise Control, Autonomous Landing, Panic Button, Training Wheels, TruIMUTM, and more…


RubyTM doesn't just stabilize a plane or steer it towards home. It can control almost any plane with enough authority and precision to land autonomously. Many pilots with many different planes have proven that Ruby delivers its capabilities reliably.  Rubytm is a small device that intelligently assists or assumes control of a remote control aircraft among other things…

It can make flying more enjoyable, less tiresome, and less stressful for every type of pilot, at every level of experience: Competitive, FPV, casual, and even children who have never flown before.

Capabilities include "Fly by wire" assist, fully autonomous loiter and landing, "panic button",and childproof "training wheels". Major additional and improved capabilites will be available in coming weeks as new modules and free firmware upgrades.

Ruby can maintain solid altitude, airspeed, course, loiter, and roll angle even in strong wind and aggressive maneuvers. It can recover quickly from a runaway inverted dive while being careful not exceed wing load limits. It can land consistently on a narrow runway all by itself, even in crosswind.

Ruby components and cabling are tiny, flexible, and modular so it can be used in high performance gliders and small parkfliers. In fact, it will work with just about any aircraft.

At Ruby's heart is TruIMUtm, new technology which provides a solid artificial horizon without optical sensors. It works below ridgelines, above water, in fog, and in high speed turns.  Ruby is easily configured and highly customizeable using friendly software that runs on your PC.



Autonomous Loiter

You can tell Ruby to loiter your aircraft at a fixed altitude at its current location, or to return to "home" and loiter. This is particularly useful if you lose sight of your plane completely or something distracts you. In light wind, Ruby will orbit the target in a nearly perfect circle. In heavier wind, Ruby will pace back and forth perpendicular to wind in a line centered on the target. In wind stronger than target airspeed, Ruby will increase airspeed as necessary to enable it to hover directly over target. Loiter can be invoked by moving a designated switch on your transmitter. It also automatically engages if the airborne receiver loses signal.


Autonomous Landing

Without human intervention, Ruby can land a plane consistently on a narrow runway, even in crosswind. It intelligently manages landing pattern and glideslope to minimize overshoot or undershoot.  If remote control contact is lost and cannot be reestablished for some reason such as dead transmitter battery, Ruby will initially return to home location and loiter. Once the battery becomes low, Ruby will automatically enter landing mode.


"Fly-by-wire" / aided mode

Instead of controlling the plane's control surfaces directly, you can engage "aided" mode and simply tell Ruby what you want the plane to do by moving your transmitter controls intuitively. Ruby can take care of airspeed, altitude, pitch, roll, heading or turn rate for you, or let you control or "nudge" any or all of in a simplified way. It's a kind of "cruise control".


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